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S2Innovation delivers dedicated control and monitoring systems for laboratories and R&D equipment providers. We are experts in connecting and integration of hundreds of the devices and signals into one system for their better management, usage and control. We also provide additional services like PLC systems design and delivery, general software development, software documentation or Alarm Management System IC@MS. Talk with us about your needs!

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Control System Engineering
Software development
IC@MS Alarm Management System
PLC based control systems
    • Control Systems Engineering

      We have experience in various aspects of control systems: data acquisition, remote control, motion, visualisations and HMI applications, data archiving and recipe management. We know control systems algorithms and how to implement them in software.

      Most of our customers are BigScience laboratories, small and large installations. Our solutions run on facilities of a few tens to hundreds of thousands of signals. We can help you take control of your system, devices and processes.

      We are proud of working with open-source Tango Controls and EPICS frameworks, and we are flexible enough to adopt other technologies.

    • Software development

      Software development is not just writing code. It starts with a definition of done (requirements gathering and constant feedback), goes through architecture design when needed, project planning and managing, setting up dev ops procedures, and writing the code and documentation to deliver the right solution which adapts to changes.

      S2Innovaiton is an engineering team which understands all the processes and needs of the fast-evolving projects and technologies.

      We write web applications based on various frameworks and libraries (React, Vue, flask, Tornado, Django, and more).

      We provide turn-key solutions, serve our skills on effort-based contracts, or augment teams.

    • IC@MS Alarm Management System

      Implementing the Alarm Management System makes handling unwanted situations smoother, reduces downtime and lets you and your team focus on what is essential.

      Our Integrated Controls Alarm Management System (IC@MS), which can run locally and in Cloud, provides a unique solution which integrates information from multiple monitoring systems – PLCs, SCADA, IT infrastructure and external data (IoT, web services). 

      With IC@MS, you get an easily expandable web application. IC@MS gives your operators’ team power of the IEC 62682  process to make their work more satisfactory. It shortens or even prevents downtimes, saving energy and money and making your business more efficient and green. 

    • PLC based control systems

      As we work with the software for control systems, our offer would not be complete without PLC systems design and delivery service.

      We deliver solutions based on Siemens and Beckhoff equipment.

      We design, assemble and program PLC systems and adjacent electrical and pneumatic armature, sensors and actuators.

      We also integrate the PLCs in SCADA software (open-source and PLCs’ vendor-provided).

    Programming languages and technologies:

    Singularity Tango Controls, EPICS, Python, C++, Java, .Net, HTML/JavaScript /CSS, Matlab, ReactJs, Ansible, Docker, Siemens and Beckhoff PLC (WinCC, TwinCAT).

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