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Our mission is to help R&D laboratories to work better, faster and more efficiently using the most advanced software tools. We are proud to work with the best research institutes and scientists in the world.

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Since more than 5 years we deliver controls systems development services for BIG Science market.


Our approach

From the beginning, we support innovative projects which require unconventional and elastic approaches. We understand that projects requirement evolves during implementation and we know how to handle it. Using experience from different projects we are able to limit the effort and achieve results faster and more efficiently.


Our team

S2Innovation is a team of programmers and automation engineers with experience in various industries. Our values are honesty, friendship and courage in everything we do. We try to be the best and we are happy to work with the most interesting research centers in the world.

Wojciech Soroka


The co-founder and CAO of S2Innovation responsible for all business processes. 12 years of experience in implementing innovative projects for public universities and companies. Privately a fan of history books and board games.

Piotr Goryl


The co-founder and CEO of the S2Innovation. Twenty years of experience in the IT industry for automation systems, including head of the control system team at the SOLARIS synchrotron (2009- 2016). Fan of collaboration, new technologies, sailing and Nordic countries.

Łukasz Żytniak


Chief Operating Officer with over 10 years of experience in IT industry, big science, telecommunication and automotive. Manager of large-scale, international and distributed projects. Privately a fan of new technologies, martial arts and diving.

Wojciech Kitka

Senior Software developer / Team Leader

Software developer with over 7 years of experience in the IT industry. Favorite programming languages are Python and C++. Privately likes reading books, cycling, and spending time with his family and cats.

Dominika Trojanowska

Software developer

Software developer specialized in Python. Previous experience gained at the Automotive industry, where dealing with the automation, not just in cars. Privately, a lover of mountain activities such as climbing, ski touring and speleology, but also other sports.

Tomasz Madej

Software developer

Software Developer who has been dealing with topics related to control systems for a year. Applied computer science student. Favorite programming languages ​​are C ++ and Python. Privately, he likes to play the guitar, deal with electronics and explore the secrets of psychology

Krzysztof Klimczyk

Software developer

Software developer whose main areas of expertise and interest are Java and Python. Student of applied computer science. Open -minded and willing to learn new skills and technologies. Big fan of sci-fi and video games.

Wojciech Bińczyk

Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer with 8 years of experience in Industrial Automation, designed and built machines for various industries. Spending his private time hiking, while listening to audiobooks, is also fan of F1.

Mateusz Nabywaniec

Software developer

Software developer with 3 years of experience in the IT industry. His favourite languages are Python and Java. Loves learning new stuff both as a programmer and in his free time. Privately a fan of sports especially football, running and cycling.

Mateusz Celary

Software developer

Software developer with background in technical physics. Over 3 years of experience in IT and passion for demanding and creative projects. Favourite fields: Python, JS, databases and internet technologies.

Dominik Domagała

PLC Engineer

A passionate engineer with experience in Industrial Automation as hardware and software designer of PLC and embedded systems applications. Constantly looking for challenges and creative ways to solve them. Privately he like work on his farm and loves to repair machines.

Anna Palenik

Board assistant

Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics. Responsible for the effective operation of the company. Privately enjoys good food, travel and knitting jumpers.

Grzegorz Lak

Software developer

Beginner software developer, specializing in backend technologies, mainly python and java. Privately, a computer science student who is interested in modeling, mountain biking and strength sports.

Michał Gandor

Software developer

Software developer with over 3 years of experiencein IT. His main fields of expertise are JavaScript, Python and Machine Learning. Privately a fan of MTB bike riding and traveling to wild places.

Szymon Kupiecki

Software developer

Software developer whose favorite language is Python. Student of Automatic Control and Robotics. Privately loves chess, fantasy and mountains.

Paweł Moćko

Software developer

Software developer and Computer Science student with special interest in web technologies and machine learning. Privately a lover of cats, video games and history.

Grzegorz Kowalski

Software developer

Expert on particle accelerator technology with 7 years of experience in controls, beam diagnostics and operations. Deeply engaged in scientific advancements and technology that makes it possible. Privately music producer, interested in foreign languages.

Kamil Fugiel

Software developer

Software developer and computer science student with special interests in Python, C++, JavaScript and Kubernetes, always looking for new challenges. Privately a lover of guitar, piano and cats.

Tomasz Noga

Software developer

Software developer with experience in Python and JavaScript, mostly interested in front-end technologies with an emphasis on minimalistic, skeuomorphic design. Privately an amateur swimmer who loves vintage electronics, video games, and pub quizzes.

Judyta Szyjkowska

Office Manager

As an Office Manager, I am responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient office operations. My passion for office management comes from a deep appreciation for personal interaction and organizational excellence. I have a solid background in office administration and customer service. Outside of work, I am an enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle and sports, finding joy in maintaining a balanced life. Additionally, I have a soft spot for cats, a passion for travel, and a love for sci-fi literature and movies.

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